Episode 8 -- Bring eggs to room temp for cake -- Kathleen Phillips from Grits and Gouda

Hey there Friends and Foodies,

 This week Kathleen and I talked about a wide variety of things and I promised to put links in the notes to several things:

The first is Kathleen’s book, Magic Cakes. You guys, you need to check out this book.  It’s basically a special cake batter that separates into three layers and she created like a million flavors for you to try. Ok, maybe not a million, but you get it. It’s a lot of flavors, like Dulce De Leche, Cardamon Sweet Potato and Maple Bacon. The best part is you just make the batter and ta-da: cake! Like, you don’t have to do anything else. So ummm, why the heck would you not make this?

The second is Kathleen’s blackberry (or black raspberry) vinaigrette. I swear I think I will eat 1000 salads based off of that recipe alone. It just sounded so good when she chatted about it. I can’t get over it!

And don’t forget about her famous two ingredient biscuits. You guys, I will never make biscuits another way. Why even bother?

And, don’t forget about Kathleen’s son, Grayson’s charity, Outdoor Ability Foundation. They are going to be giving away a chair at the November 1 Holiday Cooking Show in Gardendale, AL. Kathleen is going to be there teaching a holiday cooking class and just throwing out all types of cooking tips for the holidays. I swear if I had the opportunity to go to Alabama to be there I would. It just sounds like so much fun plus you are going to get to see a child get an action track chair that is probably going to change their entire life!  So, if you are anywhere nearby, go already.

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