Episode 6 -- Make no churn ice cream – Nick Hortense of Blogtastic Food

Aloha Friends and foodies!

This week we discussed a lot of cool things with Nick Hortense. The first was his recipe for a broccoli Caesar salad. Yes, it’s definitely different but it’s good, I promise, so try it.

The second was his really tasty looking maple bacon pancakes. By now you know I LOVE pancakes, so this is definitely going on my list of things to make.

Finally, and the thing I am most excited that Nick shared with us this episode was the no churn Ice Cream recipe. Yes, Nick’s recipe on the site is for Bailey’s and salted caramel ice cream, but honestly, you can use this base for any flavoring.

And I mentioned a recipe for truffle popcorn. Well I didn’t make that up, instead I use a recipe from the Little Inn at Washington put out. It’s absolutely delish and you need to make it for your next movie night.

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