Episode 3: Riz Asad of Chocolates & Chai

Hey friends and foodies,

In this episode, Riz and I chatted about several things that I think you’ll find interesting to look into further. 

First here is the recipe for Riz’s childhood drink, an Egg Phillip. If you are someone like me that doesn’t drink that much but still loves egg nog, this drink is for you.

And that pancake recipe that I was obsessing about (ok, I’ll admit, I’m still obsessed) is also on Riz’s blog. You can find that here. If you make these pancakes, please tell me how they turned out for you. Actually, you should tell Riz too!

As for madeleines, I use a slightly modified recipe from Dominque Ansel’s cookbook. The only thing I do sometimes is I only use lemon zest where his recipe calls for orange and lemon zest. Sometimes, I just don’t have both an orange and a lemon at home and I make madeleines at the spur of the moment. Riz also has a recipe for madeleines and you should definitely check it out because it looks delicious and I totally intend to make these for my colleagues.

The Schwans….er the swans, hahaha. I loved that I am not the only person who mispronounces words! And honestly, schwans is close enough. Here is a link to Riz’s party pleasing pate choux swans.

Finally, Riz talked about mise en place, which translates into “put in place.” I mentioned that I try to mise en place my life, well I got that idea from this article. Don’t think for a minute that I mise en place every meal. Nope. But when I do, my meals usually turn out great.

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