Episode 2: Emily Wilson of The Craveable Kitchen

This week, we get to hear from the creator behind the blog The Craveable Kitchen, Emily Wilson. Emily is a former accountant who decided to leave it all behind to become a chef.

In this week’s episode, Emily gives a great pickling recipe that you can use on both fruit and veggies. You just change out the vinegar depending on how pungent you want your pickled items to taste. I use the recipe to make pickled cherries and they are fantastic. It takes everything within me not to eat them all right away, but they are a game changer in my salads. You can find Emily’s explanation of how to use the liquid here on her blog.

Also, we discuss at length Emily’s Shrimp and Zucchini chimichangas and the fact that they are a Mexican American creation. Take a look at her recipe and consider trying them tonight for dinner. I know they are on my list to make.

You can find Emily on her blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

You can find a link to the transcript here.