Season 2 / Episode 4 Even Butter Needs Acid to Taste Better – Emmeline Kemperyd from Always Use Butter


This week’s guest is Emmeline Kemperyd, the blogger behind Always Use Butter, a blog that’s dedicated to bringing quick, easy and healthy-ish recipes that are designed to make sure her readers eat delicious every day. A Stockholm based foodie and management consultant, Emmeline was raised in a Swedish American household in Stockholm, where her international palate was first cultivated by her American Dad. Since those days, she has continued to seek out new and delicious cuisines around the world in her travels. As she puts it, Emmeline just wants to share her love of food and wine, and wants to help her readers cook up some amazing food in their own kitchens.

In this episode, we talk about morning scones, authentic Swedish food, decadent desserts that are easy to make, her go-to meal, variances and delights in Thai cuisine, the merits and culinary craft of mocktails, the kitchen tool she can’t live without, and her #1 tip to elevate your recipes.

You can find Emmeline on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

Recipes Mentioned in this Episode

·       Passion Fruit Gino

·       Thai Chicken Salad

·       Baked Tortellini Casserole

Finally, you can find the transcript here