Season 3/Episode 13 - Get Yourself a Salt Bowl - Chef Hailley Field of HomeCooked


Today I'm interviewing Chef Hailley Field, the founder of HomeCooked, an on-demand chef service that has been in operation for more than year. Hailley's been interested in food since she was 10 years old, when she started experimenting in the kitchen. Always up for an adventure, Hailley spent two years circling the globe, cooking in restaurants and diverse family kitchens. It was those unique and very kitchen experiences that convinced her she needed to start a career in food. Before starting her business, Hailley managed and worked in several restaurants, and commercial kitchens up and down the West Coast. She's been featured on the Food Network, in Angeleno Magazine, LA Confidential Magazine's The List alongside Beyoncé, and Voyage LA. She's also appeared as a guest chef at the Hollywood Farmers' Market, as well as at some of LA's popular food and cooking events, including Foodie Con, and Live & Dine LA.

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