Season 2 / Episode 6 Instant Pot is a Game Changer for Indian Food – Meeta Arora of Piping Pot Curry

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This week’s guest is Meeta Arora, the blogger behind Piping Pot Curry; a blog that is dedicated to showing you how to make simple and easy recipes. A former computer engineer, Meeta is now a full time blogger. Her blog primarily focuses on Indian food, but her love of global cuisine such as Italian, Thai, and Mexican, amongst others, also occasionally shows up in her repertoire. Meeta strongly believes that everyone has an inner chef and that we just need some inspiration to explore ingredients and create great food. Each week she shares step by step recipes that use her Instant Pot and other gadgets, like her air fryer. 

In this episode, we talk about delicious, easy to prepare authentic Indian meals, the five easy to obtain spices that you always need to make Indian food, how to lock flavor into your ingredients, and why the Instant Pot is a game changer for Indian cuisine.

You can find Meeta on her website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube

Recipes Mentioned in this Episode

·       Mom’s Chicken Curry

·       Instant Pot Aloo Gobi

·       Instant Pot Chana Masala

·       Roti

·       Paratha

·       Pav Bhaji

Finally, you can find the transcript here