Season 2 / Episode 7 Making Gnocchi is Easy – Jo Thrasher of Jo Eats

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Today, I’m chatting with Jo Thrasher from Jo Eats, a blog that chronicles her recipes and musings on daily life. Jo is a self-taught home cook who pretty much loves all things food. She’s obsessed with creating, photographing and sharing beautiful and accessible recipes with her readers. And, in just 12 months, she’s managed to grow her Instagram account to more than 1,800 followers despite working a full time job.

In this episode, we talk about the merits of American cheese, how to elevate any cuisine with a simple ingredient, the trick to making perfect roasted vegetables, and why you should cook with medium high heat. 

You can find Jo on her website, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter

Recipes Mentioned in this Episode

·       Sweet Potato Gnocchi

·       15 Minute Avocado Pasta

·       Gochujang Roasted Carrots

Finally, you can find the transcript here.