Season 2 / Episode 12 Cooking Asian Inspired Cuisine - Lesli Schwartz of Asian Caucasian

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Today I'm interviewing Lesli Schwartz, the creator of Asian Caucasian, a food blog dedicated to helping the average cook create Asian inspired cuisine in their home kitchens. Lesli began her interest in Asian food in Sweden where she met a fellow expat named Damien, a native of Singapore and a talented gourmet Asian cook. After discovering their shared joy of preparing Asian cuisine, they began to work as a team hosting dinner parties and catering for clients. After a few years, Lesli returned home to Atlanta with her husband, where she started her blog. The blog has been up and running now for at least three and a half years, and within two years Lesli has managed to grow her Instagram to over 6,000 followers. 

In this episode, we talk about Lesli’s favorite spicy sauce, versatile & delicious recipes you can start cooking tonight, and the simple steps you can take to begin your Asian inspired cooking journey.

You can find Lesli on her blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest

Recipes Mentioned in this Episode:

Cookbook Mentioned by Nicole (Pad Thai recipe)

Finally, you can find the transcript here