Season 3/Episode 3 - Plate Your Meals Like A Chef – Marlee Brady of I Just Make Sandwiches

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Today I'm interviewing Chef Marlee Brady, the blogger behind I Just Make Sandwiches. Marlee's blog focuses on helping home cooks elevate their meals to restaurant quality by teaching them chefy secrets. Marlee was classically trained in culinary school and spent nearly 10 years working in restaurants. As a young chef, she competed in an international competition hosted in Austria. Marlee's goal is for home cooks to seek inspiration on what to make for dinner, gain knowledge on how to cook from scratch and become confident in the kitchen. In this episode, Marlee shares on the importance of and how to use different varieties of salt to flavor your food, integrating blogging into her culinary journey, and how to plate your food like a five-star chef


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Recipes Mentioned in this Episode:

How To Make Homemade Pasta

Elote (Mexican Street Corn Dip)

Lemon Genoise Cake with Fresh Berries 

Seven Simple Hacks to Elevate Your Dinner

Finally, you can find the transcript here