Season 3 / Episode 6 - Bake Every Day - Rebecca Blackwell from Of Batter and Dough


Today, I'm interviewing Rebecca Blackwell, the blogger, recipe developer, and photographer behind Of Batter and Dough, a blog that focuses on making everyday baking simple, fun, and delicious. Rebecca has been writing about and taking pictures of food since 2013 when she launched her blog.  Of Batter and Dough contains hundreds of tested recipes all designed to best suit your needs, whether you're having a fancy party or an afternoon treat. In 2018, she launched her second food blog, A Little and A Lot, which is devoted to meal plans and dinner recipes for every night of the week. In this episode, we talk about being a full-time food blogger, delicious baked goods, and simple things you can do to make your weekly meal prep quicker with just a little extra effort.

Find Rebecca:

·       Of Batter and Dough Website

·       A Little and a Lot Website

·       Facebook

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Recipes Mentioned in this Episode:

·      Banana Bread

·      Apple Fritters

·      Cinnamon Rolls

·      Vanilla Cake

·      Chicken Enchilada Casserole

·      Roast Chicken

Finally, you can find the transcript here