Season 3 / Episode 8 - Better Cooking through Random Ingredients - Jen Phanomrat of Just Jen


Today I'm interviewing YouTube phenom Jen Phanomrat, the co-Founder of Just Eat Life and star of Just Jen on Tastemade TV. Together with her partner, Leo Samanamud, they create food, travel, and lifestyle videos to inspire their audience's hunger for life in and out of the kitchen. Jen is a self-taught cook, host, producer, editor, photographer, and food stylist who believes food and experiences should be approachable, enjoyable, and inspiring. With her playful and vibrant creations, Jen brings a blend of global influences from her culturally diverse hometown of Queens, New York along with her Filipino and Thai roots. This journey has taken her from stirring up cooking shows on Tastemade to hosting a travel series on the top of Machu Picchu. With every experience, she makes it her mission to just eat life with lots of humor and a hungry soul. In this episode, we talk about Jen’s wildly popular show on Tastemade – Just Jen, her journey to becoming a chef and food blogger, and a simple method for making creative dishes with what you already have in your refrigerator and pantry.

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