Season 3/Episode 10 - Reduce Your Food Waste to Save the Planet - K80 Jones of the Food Heroes Podcast

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Today, I'm interviewing K80 Jones, the creator of the Food Heroes Podcast. Before entering the food industry, K80 worked in wetland restorations. Seeing the change that she could make in the world and working in align with her values served as the catalyst for her own food journey, and is what has led her to work in the food industry. K80's love of science and her thirst for all things creative has allowed her to blossom, while working in the industry, and has allowed her to see that there are better ways to create food and give back to the causes we all care about. K80 is highly interested and deeply concerned about the social and environmental issues caused by food. On the Food Heroes Podcast, she asks guests from all corners of the culinary community to talk about the ways they are using food to solve problems to make the world a better, clearer, safer and tastier place.

Find K80:

·       Podcast

·       Food Heroes Podcast episode on eggs

Finally, you can download the transcript here