Season 3 / Episode 9 - Eating for a Healthy Pregnancy - Traci Houston from The Gestational Diabetic

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Today I'm interviewing Traci Houston from The Gestational Diabetic, a blog that focuses on helping women navigate their pregnancies in a healthy and nutritious way. Traci is an Air Force veteran who realized nine years into her career that her true passion was in food. She left the military and enrolled in culinary school with the goal of opening a food truck. However, it was her experience with gestational diabetes during her pregnancy that truly shaped her culinary career, and it is the reason she founded her blog. The Gestational Diabetic had its first anniversary in April, and Traci has a cookbook and meal plan that were released this September. In this episode, we discuss Traci’s journey to becoming a chef, the creation of her blog from her experiences with gestational diabetes, and quick & easy ways that you can shop and cook healthier and easier!

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Recipes Mentioned in this Episode:

·      Keto Cinnamon Roll Mug Cake

·      Breakfast Burrito Casserole

Finally, you can find the transcript here