Season 2 / Episode 2 Going to Culinary School…Online – Madalaine McDaniel from Lakeside Table

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This week’s guest is Madalaine McDaniel, the blogger and YouTube host of Lakeside Table, a channel that is dedicated to showing you how to make simple and tasty recipes each week. A native of Saint Louis, Madalaine was a former medical sales rep, and a single mom that started out cooking by listening out for the fire alarm, however, after meeting her husband Jerry, and moving with him and his family to rural Illinois, she decided to buckle down and learn to cook. Since her early days of humble cooking, Madalaine has blogged about her journey become an accomplished home cook in her own right. She now shares what she's learned, as well as tips and tricks about cooking on her show and her blog.


In this episode, we talked about Midwestern comfort food and amazing authentic Italian cuisine, how to elevate dishes with spices, an amazing hack for dried herbs, divinely delicious popovers, the benefits of culinary school education, and a useful trick for measuring cream based foods.


You can find Madalaine on her website, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook


Recipes Mentioned in this Episode

·       Popovers

·       Pecan Crusted Salmon over Mustard Sauce

·       Chicken Tortilla Soup

·       Golden Crusted Crab Cakes